New Studio and Exhibit!

Current Exhibit – Faces and Places of Mexico


We’ve spent the past year remodeling an old adobe home in the historic Fort Lowell district of Tucson.  The result is a charming studio and workplace, a perfect venue to display changing galleries of images.  The first exhibit now adorns the walls, taking advantage of a unique display option marketed by a company called fotoflôt. And we’ve polished up our online gallery of fine art images to reflect this newest stage of our photographic progress.


2 thoughts on “New Studio and Exhibit!”

  1. Your photos are gorgeous!! I finally made the time to log on and look and was totally blown away!! I love the shot of Carmen and Carmel.


  2. My name is Daniel and I live in La Paz, my own little piece of paradise. I was going through some of the photographs of the area and came across your page and wow! you captured some really amazing images. I would like to use some of those images for a website I’m creating for a development in La Paz called Playa de La Paz. The syle of your photography is exactly what we are looking for, there’s nothing like it in other websites or magazines…


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